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Pedigreed Seed for Sale


Esma – $12.50 – Two-row barley with exceptionally short strong straw and high grain yield potential. Esma is ideally suited to the high moisture and high fertility growing conditions of Western Canada.

Canmore – $12.25 – Canmore is a high-yielding feed barley with a shorter stature and excellent disease resistance package.

CDC Churchill-Malt  –  CDC Churchill is a very high yielding strong strawed 2-row malting barley with lower grain protein than AC Metcalfe, CDC Copeland and AAC Synergy and overall excellent agronomic package. Also excellent yield for silage and greenfeed.  

CDC Austenson – $12.25 – Two-row feed barley with top grain yield, straw strength, test weight, and kernel size and plumpness. Particularly well suited to producers seeking a top-yielding 2-row feed barley with improved performance over Xena.

Sirish$12.00 –  Short, strong-standing two-row barley with very good yield potential. A European style, low protein variety with a unique quality profile well suited to the craft brewing market. Excellent plump and test weight with top-end yield potential. A very short variety that stands well.

HRS Wheat

AAC Brandon – $16.50-$17.00 – Awned, semi-dwarf wheat. Similar lodging tolerance and disease resistance to AC® Carberry with 105% yield index, 0.5 days earlier maturity, and 1 cm shorter plant height.

AAC Viewfield – $17.00 – A top-yielding, short, semi-dwarf CWRS with leading sprout tolerance and highest standability ratings. It stands poker straight, making production and harvest a breeze. It has a good disease package including good resistance to FHB and has been praised for its good colour retention through difficult harvests.

AAC Wheatland$16.50-$16.90 – A semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein and excellent straw strength, plus it’s tolerant to the Orange wheat blossom midge.

CPS Wheat 

AAC Penhold – $16.00 – Very short, strong strawed CPS wheat with high yield potential, improved grain protein, and good disease resistance. Moderately resistant to FHB.


 Ore3542M – $8.50 – High-yielding, high quality, white hulled milling oat. Medium maturing with strong straw and crown rust resistance.

Our Pedigreed Seed Growers

  • Rasmuson Seed Farm Ltd. – Cory Rasmuson

  • Bright’s Seed – Dave Bright

  • Carlson Farms Inc. – David Carlson

  • Spruceview Farms – Mike Nelson

  • Rix Farms Ltd. – Graham Rix

  • Woodlawn Farm Ventures – Arron Hundeby


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